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Thank you for getting to know us…

…We’re happy you’re stopping by 🙂

We are a happy family owned business… And have many talented people on our team who truly make us the proud company we are today! But we really wanted you to get to know Rudy…

Because his story is how it all started…

40 years ago Rudy started his path into concrete masonry and found something special… All the smiles, laughter, amazement and joy that came from people who loved his work. They loved and enjoyed his innate ability to put their vision into reality.

That drive continued for years and became the driving factor in building Rudy’s Custom Concrete & Stone.

With amazing work ethic, dedication and pride in bringing so many visions and ideas into reality… Rudy has inspired his family to put in the same effort and care to keep his legacy going.

Terree, his wife of 45 years, has been at his side since the very beginning, helping him build his business and supporting him in every way she could. His children have seen the ambition behind their father and have become an important part of the business, who will later inherit the company.

So as you can see, we are a family owned business. We understand the core value of what we are really delivering when we work on homes or businesses… A home to relax in. A warm place to grow up in. A back yard to host parties at!

We treat every job as if we were building for our family.

Need to get started soon? We provide free onsite estimates! Give us a call or text at (925) 383-0054 to get started. We’re excited to work with you!


Thank you from all of us,
Rudy’s Concrete & Stone